Laurel 4th of July Celebration

Celebrating our Nation's Independence in Laurel, MD

The City of Laurel, Maryland's
43rd Annual Independence Celebration
scheduled for Saturday, July 2, 2022!

Parade Registration Form

So you're interested in participating in the parade?

Great! Just fill out the entrant form below! Please complete and submit this form by July 1, 2021, to properly place you or your group in the lineup. Late entrants will be placed last in the lineup. Be aware that this is for the City of Laurel, Maryland.

Entry Information
All participants riding bicycles MUST wear helmets to participate.
Contact Information
How would you like to be contacted?
Group Information
How many members of the group will be there the day of the parade?
If the group has won awards, please list if you want them mentioned.
How should we introduce you? What additional information do you want mentioned by the Parade MC? Please limit to 3 sentences maximum.
Fire/Rescue Entrant Information
Please list the details of each vehicle participating in the parade. (Year, Make, Type) If Pumper - how many GPM? If Ladder - how many feet fully extended? Who is driving? Are there any special passengers?
Parade Rules
All participants must adhere to the following rules: