Laurel 4th of July Celebration

Celebrating our Nation's Independence in Laurel, MD

The City of Laurel, Maryland's
45th Annual Independence Celebration
scheduled for Saturday, July 6, 2024!

Give Support

The Laurel Fourth of July Committee is an all volunteer organization that holds fundraisers throughout the year. We always need the support of the Business Leaders and Community to enhance the funding and in-kind support that we receive through the City of Laurel and Prince George's County. If you are able to help, then please click on the tab to either donate monetarily or see which fundraisers we have going on, so you can attend and support us through that avenue.

If you would like to volunteer, then we ask that you please click on the "Volunteer" tab and sign up. We are always looking for new people in the Committee and hope you will consider your support through time as well.

Thank you for all you have done in the past to help and for what you will do in the future! If you have any questions, please call the Laurel Fourth of July Committee at 301-725-5306 ext. 2444.