Laurel 4th of July Celebration

Celebrating our Nation's Independence in Laurel, MD

The City of Laurel, Maryland's
41st Annual Independence Celebration
will take place on Saturday, July 6, 2019!

Prior to the parade, which begins at 11:00am, 6th street will close at 9:00am for parade contestants to begin line up. All other roads along the route will close, as the contestants begin their procession through the parade route, which will begin at 6th and Montgomery Streets, head east on Montgomery Street, then will turn south on 4th Street and disperse at Cherry Lane.

Prior to the fireworks, Eastbound Cherry Lane at Ashford Blvd. will close at 1pm. Then, at 5pm, Westbound Cherry Lane will close in preparation for the fireworks. This closure is required by the State and County Fire Marshall’s Offices as this area is likely to receive fallout from the fireworks display at Laurel Lakes. No vehicular or pedestrian traffic will be allowed into the area until after the fireworks display is over and the area policed for fallout debris (approximately 11:00 P.M.).

Fireworks spectators are encouraged to arrive early and leave by alternate routes. For more information, please contact the Laurel Fourth of July Committee at 301-725-5300 ext. 2444.